Wednesday, January 4, 2012

4 January 2012

Raido, Odin, and Perth are the selections for today.

Raido indicates a journey.  A journey can be a physical trip or a personal development/progression.  Today, I led a meeting of a variety of speakers where we are each evaluated on our speaking abilities.  This was my first true attempt at it, and I did pretty darned well!  I also made progress in understanding people.  It amazes me the disguises some people have.

Odin indicates I can change my health at any time.  Health may not be physical, it can be mental or emotional, too.  Something else to consider, when Odin is drawn for your health, could He indicate you are a blank slate today so you can reflect the health or emotions of others back to them??  That you are channeling someone else's health?

Perth represents intimacy in a relationship.  Intimacy comes in many forms.  Tonight, it came in the form of visiting with a close friend.  As much as I understand family and friends thinking they are being supportive when they ask: "Why are you with him?"; what I don't understand why they think that is helpful?  If they see something, they should bring it up and then be able to discuss it objectively.  Our parents teach us to stay through thick and thin but yet will ask question our good judgement when they don't agree with our choice.  They voice their judgement and expect us to blindly follow.  Counter-productive, don't you think?  Discussing relationships are much easier when you are objective and open.  Appreciate the strength of character and heart in our friends and family.  We don't know what the other person is experiencing and therefore, need to refrain from judging until a change occurs.

Hagalz brings disruption, anger, and challenges.  A bad dream?  Memories of past trespasses?  Anger at past events which create challenges in current circumstances?  Who knows until morning?